Your Accountant As Your Business Advisor: Will It Work?

Your Accountant As Your Business Advisor: Will It Work?

Although it’s quite unorthodox to call your accountant as an accounting advisor, the possibility of it becoming a legitimate profession is still worthy to give attention to and consider, especially for their business owner clients. One can say that a business perspective from an accountant doesn’t fall far from a financial advisor’s perspective, but they still have key differences when it comes to implementation of financial advice. More information 会計顧問

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What business owners really need

Why do clients even have to consider an accountant as an accounting advisor? Today, most business clients’ common problem when it comes to insolvency is poor financial management. That being said, what business clients really need is an urgent advice when it comes to managing their finances well and paying their debts.

How accountants can fill that need

Although most accountants would settle on providing their traditional services such as ironing out their clients’ accounts and settling their taxes, they can cover areas such as advising the client on proper financial management. Of course, they need time to study about advising and its implementation. It also depends if they charge the client for the additional advising services.

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